For Killzone Shadow Fall (an unreleased PS4 title) I am responsible for blend shape creation of character faces. These shapes are based on FACS (Facial Action Coding System)












 I am helping with the Character Creation System. I supply the system with character bodies, heads, age, hair, adornments and anyother item that is needed for character creation with the exception of Armor. The Elder Scrolls Online is still unreleased.










For XCOM I created a facial pipline for animating the faces of the game. This was accomplished using a blend shape based system supported by a FACS (Facial Action Coding System) driven blend shape set. Special effects were also driven by blend shapes.  Unreal Engine 3 and Face FX were the software used. XCOM has not been released yet.










For Borderlands I worked with the effects department to bring a boss battle to a close. The goal was to take one of their bosses named the Rakk Hive, and blow it up leaving behind a carcass.










For Mars Needs Moms, I was responsible for blend shape creation, facial modeling, some set decoration
modeling, and some environment modeling as well. It was a great experience. We moved to a new kind of
blend shape rig that allowed the modelers complete control over the facial deformations. I learned a lot from
Matt Cioffi, my lead at the time. The theories and practices I learned while working on this project have been
a great addition to my skill set. I had so much fun working on this project.















For A Christmas Carol, I was primarily responsible for blend shape creation, animated displacement map creation,
and facial modeling. It was a collaborative effort by our small team of facial modelers, so no one character was
handled completely by one modeler. Every facial modeler had the opportunity to do blend shapes for every character.
I utilized mudbox for the facial blend shape and animated displacement map creation. Both Maya and Mudbox
were used for facial modeling. The shots below showcase a few of the blend shapes that I personally worked on.














With Bully Scholarship Edition, I was primarily responsible for bringing assets created for the Playstation 2 version of Bully to the next generation of consoles and PC. 3dsmax and Zbrush were used to create normal maps and high resolution geometry for the characters. Photoshop was used for texuring. Care had to be given not to change the flavor of the characters throughout this process.